About us

UQ Materials Performance was founded in 1998 and has since grown to become one of Australia’s leading materials engineering consultancies.  Our mission statement:

UQ Materials Performance serves the needs of society by applying research methodologies to answer technical questions. UQMP strengthens UQ research by building relationships of trust with industry partners, systematising knowledge gained in short‐term projects, generating seed funding, and by direct involvement in structured research. UQMP inspires student learning by generating professional case studies which show their discipline in action.

UQMP has a dedicated team of engineers and industrial chemists with a wide range of experience and specialty skills. Our diverse and cross-disciplinary problem-solving approach also brings fresh perspectives to projects. Our team works closely together with our clients to clearly understand, define and tackle problems in a systematic yet direct manner. Our access to the world-class facilities of The University of Queensland puts us at the forefront of analytical science and engineering.

UQ Materials Performance operates out of The University of Queensland, Advanced Engineering Building. We share the building with the Centre for Advanced Materials Processing and Manufacturing (AMPAM) and the School of Civil Engineering allowing close collaboration on consulting and research projects.

  • Phil Bennet

    Phil Bennet

    Senior Materials and Mechanical Engineer
    UQ Materials Performance
  • Jim Haig

    Principal Materials Scientist
    UQ Materials Performance
  • Fiona Jones

    Fiona Jones

    Chemistry and Materials Scientist
    UQ Materials Performance
  • Ray Low

    Senior Materials Engineer
    UQ Materials Performance
  • Jacob McCann

    Laboratory Technician
    UQ Materials Performance
  • Lenny McInnes

    Lenny McInnes

    Principal Materials Engineer
    UQ Materials Performance
  • Thomas Scholtes

    Assistant Mechanical Engineering Consultant
    UQ Materials Performance
  • Antony Tatkovic

    Assistant Materials Engineering Consultant
    UQ Materials Performance